Sooke Region Food Security Consultation -

Food Producers, Providers and Experts

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The Sooke Region Communities Health Network (SRCHN) is facilitating a Food Security consultation in the Sooke Region, under the District of Sooke and funded by the Union of BC Municipalities. The objective is to accumulate quantitative and qualitative data describing challenges and impacts that are experienced by community members and service agencies, food producers and food providers. Survey input on food security and poverty reduction will be considered as part of the Sooke Official Community Plan currently under review 2020-2021, in addition to contributing to improving food security provision and poverty reduction.


Fall 2020 - Spring 2021


A. A technical review of local food security initiatives and research best practices of poverty reduction solutions related to food security in other places.

B. Gather all local food and poverty related stakeholders to a series of round table discussions and focus groups, support services, business community, food security organizations, School District 62 and First Nations. These discussions will investigate the local context of food costs, breakfast and lunch programs in local schools, meal programs offered through different organizations, waste diversion project, exploring the potential for spaces to be used for food production and/or gathering places to celebrate food, food deserts, cooperative models or entrepreneurial/employment models for food cultivation, purchasing, processing and consumption.

C. Provide an online survey open to all community members to further investigate local poverty issues related to food security.

D. Focus group discussions with people with lived relevant experience.

E. Provide a report based upon community engagement and best practices.

Intended Outcome & Impacts

A. Mapping of past and present initiatives and building upon lessons learned with a holistic approach to poverty reduction and food security.

B. Coordinated conversation around food security and identification of food security needs.

C. Provide an opportunity for all community members to provide their opinion. Special attention will be provided to voices of those with lived experience. 

D. Findings will be shared with the community through a written report. Anticipated publishing time is March 2021.

E. Findings will help advise the District of Sooke on their strategies related to Operational Community Planning, by-laws and policies.