Our Board

Chair: Mary Dunn has spent her career working in the community as a nurse and manager of the medical and counselling services in Ottawa, and then for 17 years as a Public Health Nurse in the Sooke Region. She is currently president of the Sooke Region Women’s Cancer Support Society and Chair of the Sooke Region Homelessness Coalition.

Vice-Chair: Rick Robinson has extensive experience in health care planning and senior hospital administration.  He is now co-chair of the Sooke and Juan de Fuca Health Foundation and a member of the South Island Division of Family Practice, Partners for Better Health and the Sooke Primary Health Care Working Group.

Secretary: Sherry Thompson was born and raised in Sooke, BC. She co-founded Sooke Shelter Society in 2017 and is currently its Board of Director/President. Her values of human rights and passion to be a part of the solutions to make the world a better place for future generations is very important to her. 

Treasurer: Anne Bell has worked for the Sooke School District since 1973, and is currently the Community School Coordinator at Edward Milne Community School.  She has worked on a multitude of elected Boards (holding every position from chair to director), and served on many committees over her working and personal life. 

Dr. Roy Brown worked as a psychologist in the field of disability as well as having a long and rewarding career in academic research and teaching at universities in the UK, Canada and Australia. Locally, he is now a board member of the Sooke and Juan de Fuca Health Foundation and Chair of the Age Friendly Committee.

Hermione Jefferis has been working in the field of substance use, mental health, and harm reduction for many years.  Currently she manages a Health Centre in Langford run by a non-profit and is a resident of Sooke.

Nicky Logins has been a Sooke resident since 1979, and has participated in numerous community initiatives, large and small, to sustain or improve the health and social wellbeing of our community. Nicky is Executive Director at Sooke Family Resource Society, where her passion for community development is put into practice every day.

Rebecca George is a Project Coordinator at Island Community Mental Health Association under the Psychosocial Rehabilitation Collaboration.

Jennifer Routhier was born and raised in Sooke, BC as a member of T'Souke First Nations. She now works as a registered nurse for T'Souke in the dual roles of Community Health Nurse and Public Health Nurse. In these roles, she has a diverse scope of practice which includes caring and supporting elders in the community, diabetic education, liaison nursing, immunization, and prenatal education.

Don Brown has a BSc in Engineering and a Masters in Business Administration. As an
organization systems consultant, he has worked with public, private and social/charitable organizations including cooperatives providing principles centred organization design, strategic planning and information systems design and implementation.