Our Service Agreements


We work closely with the local, regional and provincial authorties to improve the health and wellbeing of the regional population.

The District of Sooke has entered into a Service Agreement with the SRCHN to provide the following services:


• Sooke Region Resource website:

o website improvements, updates and maintenance;

• Age Friendly Committee for Sooke:

o develop planning and/or activities to achieve official provincial status for Sooke as an Age Friendly Community

• Seniors/Youth/Community Activity Centre:

o Identify the needs of the community

o Initiate and facilitate community forum/s or other opportunities to discuss development of a community activity centre, and to inform Council on this initiative

o Solicit partnerships and engage support from interested potential partner organizations

o Goal of September 30 2014 completion date for these services

• Primary Health:

o address issues identified through the Primary Health Care Working Group and Mayor‘s Panel, Community Health and Social Initiatives

o maintain and further develop relationships at regional and provincial levels for community health initiatives

• Volunteer Initiatives:

o Explore funding opportunities to implement OCP identified Volunteer initiatives and activities that promote Sooke‘s claim as the Volunteer Capital of Canada

Vancouver Island Health Authority (VIHA)

VIHA has been an avid supporter of our organisation, matching funds provided by the District of Sooke to fund our activites. As of 2014, VIHA has provided funding for a part-time coordinator's position to futher collaboration and increase opportunities for the region. This was very appreciated by SRCHN as grants often do not provide the possibility to pay indirect costs such as services rendered.