Sooke Region Homelessness Consultation (2020-2021)

Sooke Region Homelessness Report Feb 202

Sooke Region Homelessness Report

February 2021

- An enormous thank you to all of those who participated in this project!


The Sooke Region Homelessness Coalition has worked together for over two years to find temporary and more permanent solutions for the chronic homeless in our community. Members include Sooke Shelter Society, CRD, District of Sooke, Community Paramedics, the RCMP, local doctors and others. Most importantly, individuals with lived experience have a predominant seat at the table. Meetings are facilitated on a monthly basis by the Sooke Region Communities Health Network.

Due to COVID, SRCHN proceeded to establish a temporary COVID shelter for the individual suffering from chronic homelessness where they could self-isolate and get the crucial care that they have been lacking. With the help of BC Housing, Island Health, the Community Paramedic and AIDS Vancouver Island, the residents were able to get the appropriate physical and mental health and addictions needs tended to.

Through funding from the Government of Canada’s Reaching Home: Canada’s Homelessness Strategy and the Capital Regional District (CRD), the Sooke Region Communities Health Network (SRCHN) on behalf of the Coalition is facilitating a survey to develop a strategy on how to approach the homeless and near homeless situation, while attaining the necessary services through a holistic approach and finding more permanent housing so that the individual support can continue.


The objective is to accumulate quantitative and qualitative data describing challenges and impacts of individuals experiencing homelessness or near homelessness. Building upon this information, the Sooke Region Homelessness Coalition seeks to better understand the individual situations and to procure agencies that provide the wrap-around services for the respective individuals' complex needs.


The consultant will interact with local services providers, including the COVID Shelter, Sooke Shelter Society and the Food Bank, to receive guidance about homelessness and near homelessness. The consultant will proceed to launch online surveys and arrange face-to-face interviews with individuals experiencing homelessness and near homelessness ("couch-surfers", vulnerable households living from paycheque to paycheque etc.). Those participating in face-to-face interviews will be given $20.00 for their time. All information collected will be kept strictly anonymous.*

The final report, which will include recommendations, will be shared with all relevant parties and those who might find it of interest.


July 2020 - October 2020

Impact of this research

It is expected that these findings will provide the necessary data to show the needs in the Sooke Region and provide the necessary wrap-around services to our community members.

* Information protection

The staff conducting the survey shall comply with the provincial privacy provisions and regulations in the course of conducting the survey. The staff conducting the survey will use and/or disclose the data, information, reports, material or other documents of any nature which are disclosed, revealed or transmitted to them, or to which they have access, solely for the purpose of conducting the survey. Staff will ensure that personal information used during the survey shall be retained in accordance with regulation and will ensure that any personal information to be disposed of upon completion of the survey. Audio recordings may be taken to assure accuracy of information only, and will be erased before the end of this project. Permission will be requested in advance. Names of individual respondents will not be recorded on documents, but in order to identify survey responses by survey type a coding system will be adopted.

Protection of privacy and information best practices will be adhered to: