Sooke Food Security Report (May 2021)

Sooke Region Food Security Report 2021.p

Sooke Region Food Security Report
May 2021
- An enormous thank you to all of those who participated in this project!


The report addressed food security under the federal and provincial poverty reduction strategies. Funded through a grant from Union of BC Municipalities, the aim is to provide a report on the present food security situation in the Sooke Region, which in turn will contribute to a strategic plan to tackle this important issue. The content of this report is to benefit stakeholders in different sectors, as poverty touches upon all aspects of community living.


Tools developed were online public surveys with the same survey provided in paper form for individuals that might not access the internet, and some individuals of varying food insecurity and life situations participated through individual interviews online or by phone. The data collected provided the main core of the results of this report, which was supported by academic literature and factual information. As food security is inter-linked with many aspects of poverty, their impacts needed to be explored further in our local context.


January 2021 - May 2021

Impact of this research

It is expected that these findings will provide the necessary data to show the needs in the Sooke Region and provide the necessary initiatives and services for the community to reach a higher level of equity.

* Information protection

The staff conducting the survey shall comply with the provincial privacy provisions and regulations in the course of conducting the survey. The staff conducting the survey will use and/or disclose the data, information, reports, material or other documents of any nature which are disclosed, revealed or transmitted to them, or to which they have access, solely for the purpose of conducting the survey. Staff will ensure that personal information used during the survey shall be retained in accordance with regulation and will ensure that any personal information to be disposed of upon completion of the survey. 

Protection of privacy and information best practices will be adhered to: