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Sooke Region Lifelong Learning is a volunteer organisation offering educational programs and workshops for older adults in the Sooke region. Based on the Elder College model, we provide stimulating and enjoyable learning environments which address the unique and diverse interests of participants. Programs are offered at SEAPARC Leisure Centre and at other locations in the community. Sooke Region Lifelong Learning functions as a working group under the auspices of the Sooke Region Communities Health Network (SRCHN).

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You can register through SEAPARC for any or all of our workshops and mini-series. 
Telephone 250-642-8000 or visit    

SRLL Winter 2020 Program Offerings

TOWARDS  A GREEN ECONOMY – CLIMATE CHAMPIONS - Jan. 8,15,22.   Various Speakers                 

Sooke Region Lifelong Learning and Transition Sooke present a series of talks drawn from the  Community Action Meeting held here in Sooke, September 29th 2019.  Each session will feature three to four speakers talking about the action plans they and their action group have developed to address the Climate Emergency. Discussion about  each report will be encouraged.

Reports will include updates in: food security, water conservation, habitat protection, fossil fuels, zero waste, new economic models, transportation, disaster planning, alternative energy, climate angst, and constructive activism. 

Time:  Wednesdays


TRANSITION TOWN - Jan 9, 16, 23                                                             

Mary Coll                                       

Transition Town offers an inspirational and practical model for a community-led response to peak oil and climate change. This series will explore the story of how the Transition Movement started on a small Irish farmstead, and has since gone viral around the world; experience the process that a Transition community goes through; and vision what the future of Sooke might look like if we address our challenges with community-scale responses.  Presented by Mary Coll how has been involved in the Transition Town movement for many years.

Sessions: 3

Time:  Thursdays

DRIVING ELECTRIC - Jan 14, 28                                                

David and Carol Mallet                  

Choosing a vehicle, Driving it, Then Going the Distance

Interested in owning an electric vehicle (EV) but need to know more? Join us for two sessions to learn about choosing & buying the EV that suits your needs. Learn about current rebates & perks. Then discuss charging, maintaining and driving your vehicle - both short & long distances.  David and Carol own a Tesla 3 and just drove it from Sooke to Winnipeg and return for $70, with zero greenhouse gas emissions!

Sessions: 2

Time:  Tuesdays


ADVANCED CARE PLANNING - Jan 28                                                    

William  Israel                   

Introduction Workshop:

This workshop provides an overview of the My Voicemanual/workbook, including a 5 minute video. The My Voiceworkbook is provided by Vancouver Island Health Authority. The interactive workshop provides basic information on planning for health care in the later years of life. Topics include documentation for Temporary, Substitute Decision Maker(TSDM), Representation Agreements; and Advance Care Directive. The facilitator, Bill Israel, is a retired ordained minister, trained as a hospital chaplain and certified by VIHA as a workshop facilitator.

Sessions: 1

Time:  Tuesday

WORLD EVENTS AND HOW THEY AFFECT US - Jan 29,Feb 5,12,19,26,Mar 4  Brian Miller                     

An interactive discussion group concerning the impact of international events on our daily lives.  How such things as interest rates, trade agreements, climate change, technology,  politics and health care are changing our future.  Brian Miller is a retired business man and entrepreneur and he leads these lively talks each week. Drop-ins are welcome, space permitting. 

Sessions: 6

Time:  Wednesdays

TAI CHI MOVEMENT FOR SENIORS - Jan 30, Feb 6,13,20,27.                          Chris Moss                                                         

Join us for some gentle exercise based on the healing movements of TAI CHI. This program is designed for all levels of fitness and will increase  awareness of your body, increase your fitness, and increase your balance.  Please wear loose fitting clothing and flat, flexible shoes. This program is lead by Chris Moss, A long time actor and director, Chris has taught these movements to a great many beginning actors to increase their focus and comfort on stage.

Sessions: 5

Time:  Thursdays


William  Israel                  

This 2.5 hour guided journal writing workshop is focused on self-care for the caregiver.  Family caregivers are subject to significant stress, fatigue and burnout from prolonged care-giving responsibilities. By means of this workshop, participant caregivers will be able to enhance personal empathy, compassion and spiritual centering needed to carry on their caring roles. No writing skills are required and workshop materials are supplied. This workshop is facilitated by Bill Israel in partnership with Family Caregivers of BC ( Bill is an ordained church pastor, trained as a hospital chaplain. He has practiced as a group and family therapist and is a certified Consultant for the INTENSIVE JOURNAL program of Dr. Ira Progoff.

Sessions: 1

Time:  Tuesday


Penny Allport                                                         

This session is lead by Penny Allport, Life-Cycle Celebrant and Facilitator of the Centre for Earth and Spirit’s Living Well Program. A life-long interest and curiosity into cross cultural practices around the end-of-life combined with an inquiry around climate change and the impact and reality of 7 billion people who will live and die on the planet, will inspire this participatory lecture and discussion for our own death as an act of legacy to loved ones and the planet will ensue. 

Sessions: 1

Time:  Tuesday

MOVIES IN THE AFTERNOON - Feb 18,25, Mar. 3,10,17,24                                 Antonio Braggio                  

Offered at Habourside Co-Housing by Antonio and Adrianna Braggio

Antonio and Adrianna will be offering a series of Italian movies at the Harbourside Co-Housing facility.  Join us for a fascinating  journey into Italian Cinema. 

Sessions: 6

Time: Tuesdays

WRITING YOUR OWN OBITUARY - Feb 18                                                              Bob Stamp                                      

By pre-writing your own newspaper obituary notice, you are able to tell your own story in the way you would like your family, your friends, and the larger community to remember you. We will examine both straight-forward and unusual approaches to writing one’s own obituary. Bob Stamp wrote and edited the Canadian Obituary Record, an annual publication during the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Sessions: 1

Time:  Tuesday

UNDERSTANDING THE MYSTERIES OF INSURANCE - Feb 25, Mar 3, 10 Maurice McFadden                            

An explanation of risk and how to transfer risk and benefit society. How insurance is regulated in Canada to protect consumers.  How the claims process works and how claims are evaluated.  Presented by Maurice McFadden, Trainer Insurance Consultant, of McFadden Insurance Services.

Sessions: 3

Time:  Tuesdays

RELEASE STRESS NATURALLY - Mar 11                                                              Jo Phillips                                   

This workshop will offer suggestions on keeping stress levels more manageable by re-arranging diet and being aware of nutrients required for rebuilding when someone has been under long-term or extreme stress. Includes a list of safe, natural, non-addictive remedies to help you relax.  This is part of Jo Philip’s “Eat Well to Age Well” series which began last September.  Jo Philips is a retired RN and a Registered Nutritional Consultant.

Sessions: 1

Time:  Wednesday

RUSSIAN REVOLUTION - Mar5, 12, 19, 26                                      

Jack Gegenberg                  

In this course we will read China Mieville's book October together. Mieville's book is an account of the Russian revolution, told as a gripping story. Mieville's story will be our point of departure for discussion on the successes and failures of that revolution, and it's impact on the 20th century. One important theme will be the gap between the original dreams and intentions of revolutionaries and the end results as events played out.  To what extent is it ever possible to avoid unintended consequences in the struggle for social change?  Are there any insights to be had for leaders of radical change today? 
I ordered the book from Munro's books in Victoria; it is also available on Amazon from anywhere from $6.50 to $18 depending on the format. Please read chapters 1-3 of October for our first meeting. If you are unable to get the section ready, all is not lost because I will provide a short summary - with apologies to Mieville for sucking all the life out of his exciting retelling of the story of the Russian revolution.

Sessions: 4

Time:  Thursdays

IN SIGHT!–PHOTOGRAPHY - Mar 17, 24, 31                                                      Michel Ingram                                   

These three sessions, intended for the novice photographer, will cover the basic understanding of photography, knowing your camera, where to continue learning, and what to consider when printing photos.  Please bring a camera, whether a cell phone or the latest DSLR camera will do.  Camera basics – file size, JPEG, Raw files, Composition, Lighting.  A guest speaker, and a photo assignment are all part of this introduction to Photography lead by Michel Ingram of Cre8tive Photography.

Sessions: 3

Time:   Tuesdays

SHARING STORIES, BUILDING COMMUNITY - Mar 18, 25                    

Veronica Diment                    

Sooke Talks are a great way to get people out telling their stories but for most of us, public speaking is daunting at best. Come and learn how to share your story with others. Sooke is a diverse, interesting community that is changing rapidly. By telling our stories, we exchange ideas of the kind of community we want to have for all. For many years, I taught non-native speakers of English to overcome their fears and speak well in public. I want to pass on the simple techniques I taught them. Come and join us to make new connections and learn more about other members of our Sooke community.

Sessions: 2

Time: Wednesdays

Our Story

Sooke Region Lifelong Learning is part of a growing North American network of volunteer organizations providing informal learning opportunities for adults. These groups exist under a variety of names: Elder Colleges, Institutes for Learning in Retirement, Lifelong Learning, etc. Our Sooke group began planning in Spring 2017, and offered some initial courses over Fall 2017/Winter 2018 under a “Sessions for Seniors” program run by the Sooke Age- Friendly Committee with a partial grant from the federal government’s New Horizons Program.

With meeting space, promotional help, registration assistance, and volunteer support from SEAPARC and from the Sooke Region Volunteer Centre, we were able to offer a full slate of programming for Fall 2018.

Fall 2019 Sooke Region Lifelong Learning
Fall 2018 Sooke Region Lifelong Learning

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